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We unleash the power of the Cloud and Blockchain for your Business

We design, develop and manage cloud and blockchain solutions for manufacturing and service companies.

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We are your partner for conception, development and implementation of cloud and blockchain solutions in the corporate environment. The digitalization of all workflows and processes makes them more reliable, faster and thus also more cost-effective.

“Anything that you can conceive of as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency- it doesn’t matter if it's people, numbers, data, money.”

— Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM

Cloud solutions

Trever specializes in cutting-edge cloud solutions. We develop web platforms, analytics dashboards and interfaces to guide you starting at the idea and initial concept. We maintain a strong and lasting relationship with our customers and support you in all software-related challenges.
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Data warehousing and data analysis

Data from a wide variety of sources can usually not be combined and viewed centrally. Here we create individual solutions that make data aggregation possible and thus easier to analyze. From monitoring to a management information dashboard to professional business intelligence solutions, we can meet all your requirements.
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Blockchain solutions

As a tokenization service provider, Trever supports you in ensuring that your token is designed sustainably and performs optimally. Together, we ensure that the token is built on a solid legal foundation.
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Highly scalable

State-of-the-art cloud technologies enable our solutions to grow with your success.

360° service

You take care of your core business - we take care of the rest.


Our solutions are conceptualized together from the first idea and tailored exactly to your needs.

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"Using Trever's tokenization solution, we are able to create transparent and tradable CO2 certificates for voluntary CO2 offsetting."
Roger Holzwarth, e4f prime gmbH
"We have digitized our processes with Trever's cloud solution and can now more easily identify efficiency problems and optimize our processes."
Anton Aschbacher, Astra BioEnergie GmbH