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Tokens and digital assets are traded on many different exchanges, each of them entailing different risks, fee structures and market prices. For your brokerage service, it is crucial to process your upcoming business-case fast and in a predictable and robust manner. With the Trever Guidebook, you will never lose control over any business-case again

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

— Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Identify the right price

Trever Guidebook helps you to analyze, identify and execute every single business case for your customers. It provides you with all the crucial information for each suggested routing path, including the corresponding risks, analytics and an evaluation of all previous orders.

We believe in consumer sovereignty as much as in automation: You decide which of these suggested routing paths you would like to take and we make sure you get the best-possible support for all of them.

Become globally connected

We identify the best and most stable price at any given time by creating a global order book connected to every exchange where the asset is listed and traded. Taking further into account market risk, exchange downtimes and fee structures, we provide you with a best-in-class routing forecast.

Minimized risk and uncertainty

Trever analyzes current risks and combines them with historical market data from different sources to minimize uncertainty.

Reliable and robust prices

To maximize the reliability of forecasts, Trever compiles all objective transaction and historical market data to get the right price.

Lower operative overhead

Automated execution of trades reduces the overall operative effort and increases efficiency.

Supported exchanges

Trever supports most major exchanges worldwide.
Didn’t find your desired exchange? No problem, get in touch with us and you will get the full list of available exchanges.
“We finally found a great solution to identify the best price in the market and we can quote it at a competitive level for our customers. With Trever we have found a very competent and reliable partner.”
Max Tertinegg
Max Tertinegg, Coinfinity

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