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Create liquid markets - build trust.

A lack of liquidity in markets leads to higher risk and worsening market conditions for your customers. Facing these challenges, customers are deterred from buying your tokenized assets. The result: You lose control over your market, paving the way for manipulation and investment fraud.

“Liquidity is oxygen for a financial system.”

— Ruth Porat, CFO at Alphabet Inc

Tradable market conditions

Tradable market conditions are the basis for a strong and well-functioning token environment. Only under favorable conditions, market participants can be sure there is sufficient volume to buy and sell tokens at a reasonable price. Through the constant supply of buy and sell orders, Trever reduces the spread, prevents fraud and brings more stability to the market — even for larger trades.
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Enhanced intelligence

Trever Liquidity combines the expert knowledge of the financial markets with machine learning technology. The price of every order reflects huge amounts of information from resources both outside and inside the market. Each action taken by Trever is automatically evaluated and enhances the next decision-making phase. Capable of learning from its own behavior, Trever Liquidity always provides the best solution for the current market situation.
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Liquid markets

Different liquidity strategies provide confidence and certainty in your markets.

Fraud prevention

Our unique trading strategy minimizes the risk of investment fraud.

Sustained availability

Trever Liquidity ensures your token is liquid and available 24/7.

Supported exchanges

Trever supports most major exchanges worldwide.
Didn’t find your desired exchange? No problem, get in touch with us and you will get the full list of available exchanges.

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