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Buying tokens just got easier.

Help your customers buy your tokens directly from your application.

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No rocket science,

Complex exchanges are the biggest hurdle to selling your tokens. If you are sending your customer to different exchanges, the chances are you will lose them.

“The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.”

— Blake Ross, Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox

Deliver simplicity.

Trever Nex simplifies the process of getting your tokens by enabling your customers to buy and sell directly on your website or app. Enable them to pay with their preferred payment service or crypto within seconds – as easy and fast as it should be.

Give peace of mind.

Trever Nex executes all countertrades in the background, relieving your customer of the burdens of going through multiple sign-up processes and dealing with difficult exchanges. Your customers get the great user experience they deserve and you the freedom to offer your token your way.
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Quick and easy deployment

Our webservice available on your website within minutes.

Single sign-up

Only one step to get your users ready for buying and using your token.

Intuitive user experience

Just like you’d expect it to be – smooth, quick and reliable.


Trever supports most major exchanges worldwide.
Didn’t find your desired exchange? No problem, get in touch with us and you will get the full list of available exchanges.
“With the Trever Nex service, we can provide our token to our customers directly on our platform. Now we are ready for mass adoption.”
Paul Polterauer, CEO HEROcoin

Ready for the tokenized economy?

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