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Trever Nex Icon Trever Nex

Make your tokens easily accessible.

Selling your tokens on exchanges can make buying them a little harder for your customers. That’s why we have developed Trever Nex, so your customers can buy your tokens directly from your website with little effort.
Sell tokens with Trever Nex
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Trever Liquidity Icon Trever Liquidity

Create stable and liquid markets.

Building a sustainable market for your tokens can be difficult, especially if customers are concerned about the assets price stability and trust in its value. Trever Liquidity solves these problems by providing high order book volumes with low spreads to make your market more liquid.
Build markets with Trever Liquidity
Trever Guidbook Icon Trever Guidebook

Identify the best token price.

With tokens traded across multiple exchanges, identifying the best price can be a challenge. With Trever Guidebook, you have all market data available on one dashboard, so you can execute the best buy and sell order for any token at any time.
Compare prices with Trever Guidebook
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What our clients say about us

“We finally found a great solution to identify the best price in the market and we can offer it to our customers at a competitive level. With Trever, we have found a highly competent and reliable partner.”
Max Tertinegg
Max Tertinegg, CEO Coinfinity
“With Trever Nex, we can provide our token to our customers directly on our platform. Now we are ready for mass adoption.”
Paul Polterauer
Paul Polterauer, CEO HEROcoin

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